Togo ALERT: 19 injured, 12 arrested in student-gendarmes clashes

Nineteen students sustained injuries on February 13, 2014, when students from the University of Lome clashed with gendarmes on campus over an attempt by the students to demonstrate.

According to MFWA’s correspondent, the students attempted to stage a demonstration to protest an “arbitrary criteria” the university has introduced for granting scholarships.

Since demonstrations have been banned by the university authorities, the gendarmes on campus prevented the students from demonstrating. This led to clashes between the students and the gendarmes. 19 students were injured in the process.

Eight students were subsequently arrested by the gendarmes.

Subsequently on February 14, another group of students attempted to demonstrate to demand the release of their colleagues who were arrested the previous day. Four of the demonstrators were again arrested.

The MFWA is concerned that over the last few years, students demanding better living and learning conditions have been subjected to intimidation, arrests and, indeed, threats of dismissal from the universities in Togo.

We call on the university authorities to recognize the student’s rights to demonstrate.

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