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Our Networks

The MFWA works with different organisations and belongs to several Networks that helps in building synergies, mutual learning and broad collaborative advocacy. The MFWA thus belongs to National, Regional and International Networks.

You may learn more about Our Networks by clicking on their respective links below.

IFEX is a network of local and international organisations who are committed to defending and promoting freedom of expression as a fundamental human right. IFEX advocates for the free expression rights of all, including media workers, citizen journalists, activists, artists, scholars.
AFEX is a continental network of the most prominent African freedom of expression organisations who are also members of IFEX, the global network of free expression organisations. The network is currently made up of nine organisations based in West, East, Central, North and Southern Africa.AFEX is committed to raising awareness and promoting issues of free expression in Africa.
African Platform on Access to Information (APAI) is a network of civil society organisations that are working on the promotion of access to information in Africa. A working group, made up of nine organisations, was set up in 2009 to develop a platform for joint activities that would lead to the adoption of a comprehensive instrument, which would advance the right of access to information in all its dimensions, regionally and internationally.
The West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) is an umbrella network of civil society organizations (CSOs) from the fifteen member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
The Right to Information Coaliation in Ghana is a network of non-governmental organisations in Ghana committed to ensuring that Ghana passes a Freedom of Information bill. To this end, the RTI has been engaging with governments and Members of Parliament to ensure that the Freedom of Information Law to be passed will meet international standards and also implemented.
The African Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) is a network made up of about 30 civil society organisations in Africa who are committed to promoting the right of access to information in Africa.