The MFWA is a regional independent non-governmental organization. It is the biggest and most influential media development and freedom of expression advocacy organisation in West Africa with national partner organisations in all 16 countries of the region. The MFWA is also the Secretariat of the Continental Network of the most Prominent Free Expression and Media Development Organisations in Africa, known at the Africa Freedom of Expression Exchange (AFEX) Network.  In the last 18 years, the MFWA and its partners have successfully promoted freedom of expression rights, media professionalism, and media-led advocacy for peace building, and participatory governance across West Africa. Below is Our Mission and Vision, Core Values, Strategic Objectives and Goal.

Our Mission

To promote and defend the right to freedom of expression of all persons particularly the media and human rights defenders in West Africa.

Our Vision

A West Africa in which all persons enjoy the right to freedom of expression without fear or threat by any actors.

Core Values  

  • Our interest and actions in promoting media rights and the right of free expression are inspired by the principles of equality, liberty and social justice irrespective of belief, race, ethnicity, or sex.
  • We are independent, non-partisan and non-sectarian
  • We desire to attain excellence and professionalism in our work
  • We are committed to accountability, transparency and good stewardship
  • We are committed to teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, partnership and solidarity

Strategic Objectives  

  • Noticeable improvement in respecting and protecting the right to freedom of expression by state and non-state actors in West Africa
  • The public’s right to access information is guaranteed by regional and national laws and respected in practice
  • The media in West Africa are more independent and professional, and contribute to democracy and development in the respective countries in the region.
  • The MFWA has efficient systems, adequate funding from diversified sources, broad network of national partners as well as competent and highly motivated staff 

Overall Strategic Goal

The overall strategic goal of the organisation during the five-year period will be to contribute to ensuring that:

The right to freedom of expression is respected and protected in West Africa, and there are independent and professional media contributing to participatory governance and development in the region.

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