The Gambia Alert: Unidentified men break into newspaper office

On January 26, 2015, unidentified men broke into the offices of The Mirror, a privately-owned weekly newspaper.

According to Seedy Bojang, publisher/editor of The Mirror, who spoke to MFWA’s source, the men went to the office and used heavy metal to break the office main door.

The men left the premises after several unsuccessful attempts to unlock the computers in the newsroom, which were password protected; they did not take any equipment.

Bojang told MFWA’s source that he will report the matter to Brusubi Police Station for investigation and protection.

The Mirror was registered with the Attorney General’s Chambers in May 2012 and started operating in May 2013.

The MFWA urges the police to investigate this incident and put an end to impunity in The Gambia. Journalists, human rights defenders, and others exercising their right to freedom of expression have been routinely silenced and abused during President Yahya Jammeh’s 20-yearlong rule. The MFWA recently conferred the title of “West Africa’s King of Impunity” upon President Jammeh to raise awareness about the human rights violations and impunity that continue to occur in The Gambia.

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