Stakeholders to Discuss Internet Rights for Women and Children in Ghana

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) will on Tuesday, 26th April convene a Stakeholders’ Forum under the theme “Internet Rights for Women and Children in Ghana.” The forum will discuss issues raised in two Policy Briefs on Safety of Children Online and Internet Rights of Women in Ghana by the MFWA, and propose ways to implement recommendations. Representatives from government, telecoms industry, academia, civil society and the media will participate in this Forum.

The MFWA with support from UK-based Global Partners Digital, developed two Policy Briefs to contribute to a favorable online environment in Ghana through policy interventions. The two Briefs – Gender Dimensions of Internet Rights in Ghana, and Child Online Protection in Ghana – were developed with the expertise of ABANTU for Development and J Initiative respectively.

The Briefs present succinct situational analyses which highlight the legal/ policy frameworks and practices in the country with regard to women’s rights and freedoms online and children’s safety online. The Briefs also make a number of recommendations for stakeholders which when adopted/implemented, will help create a safe internet environment where women can exercise their rights and children can study and play safely.

For more information, contact our Programme Manager, Dora B. Mawutor at: dora (@)

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