Sierra Leone Alert: Regulatory body suspends radio programme

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on July 5, 2014, suspended one of the most popular radio programmes in Sierra Leone known as the “Monologue” on Citizen Radio for a period of sixty days.

According to MFWA’s correspondent, David Tam Baryoh the presenter of the programme who doubles as the director of the radio station confirmed that he received a letter from the IMC to suspend the programme.

The letter, signed by J.P.K Lamin, Executive Secretary of the IMC among other things said “I am further directed to convey to you the Cabinet conclusion C.P. (2014) at its meeting on 21st May 2014 that the Monologue Programme on Citizen Radio be issued a sixty days suspension order as from 12 0’ clock today”.

Baryoh told our correspondent he suspects the Defence Minister, Alimamy Paolo Conteh had complained to cabinet about certain comments made by him (Baryoh) on his radio show concerning an accident that claimed the lives of two of Conteh’s body guards.

According to the correspondent, the issue had earlier been handled by the IMC and Baryoh was cautioned. So the directive to suspend the programme comes as a surprise to many.

The MFWA appeals to the IMC to reconsider its decision and urges the media in Sierra Leone to be minded by the ethics of the journalism profession.

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