Request for Quotations: Consultancy Service for Mid-term Project Evaluation


The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) is implementing a four-year project aimed at improving the media landscape, press freedoms and digital rights (especially for women) in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. It is also aimed at promoting investigative journalism for accountable governance in the three countries.

The project titled Enhancing Press Freedom, Women’s Digital Rights and Accountable Governance in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone” is being implemented in the three countries with funding support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ghana.

Below are the specific expected outcomes:

  • Reduced incidents of media rights violations, increased responsiveness by authorities to addressing media rights violations to reduce acts of impunity for crimes against journalists in the three target countries;
  • Increased investigative and anti-corruption reporting (at least 20 investigative reports) that expose public sector wrongdoing and corruption, and prompt authorities to adopt policies and practices that limit corruption in the public sector;
  • Increased public participation in governance discourse and demand for transparency and accountability in the utilisation of public resources with at least 200 RTI requests filed by citizens to seek information from public institutions through the use of RTI laws;
  • Reduced incidents of online harassment against women; increased participation in online engagements among women; and increased stakeholder engagements on discussions and debates around global internet rights norms and standards as espoused by the FOC

As part of efforts to ensure a successful project, MFWA seeks to conduct a Mid-Term Evaluation of the project. To this end, the MFWA invites interested and competent consultants to submit applications and quotations for the functions of conducting an overall project evaluation as specified in the scope of work below: 

Scope of Work

The objective of this work is to evaluate the implementation of the project so far to assess its achievements and impact on targeted beneficiaries of the project vis-à-vis the baseline, the objectives, and expected outcomes; and to also indicate challenges and gaps that can inform the successful implementation of the remaining two years of the project and also future project planning and programming. 

Specific Tasks

  • Read the project documents, activity reports, monitoring report etc. to be abreast of how the project implementation has panned out so far.
  • Develop an instrument for data collection to be reviewed and agreed by the MFWA before the start of work.
  • Interview project beneficiaries –from Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone,
  • Conduct focus group discussions with project beneficiaries;
  • Produce a report highlighting key recommendations to improve on implementation of the project and for future project planning.



The consultant will be engaged for 20 working days (November 15 – December 20 2023)

 Method of Submission of Application/Quotation

Hardcopies of applications should reach the MFWA on or before October 10, 2023, and to the address below:

The Executive Director,

Media Foundation for West Africa,

Aar-Baakor Street FA678

Ogbojo, Accra, Ghana

Softcopies of applications should reach the MFWA on or before October 10, 2023 and to the following email addresseses: info[@] and copy vivian[@]



September 28, 2023

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