Policy recommendations on trending cybersecurity developments in Ghana

The internet plays a crucial role in every aspect of human life. Even though billions are still unconnected, penetration rates are increasing across the world. Ghana, for instance, can boast of over 15 million internet users (an estimated 53% penetration rate) as at Janaury 2022 according to data from Statista.

As connectivity to the internet is increasing, so is cybercrime. Safety and security in cyberspace have, therefore, become critical issues of global and local concern.

Stakeholders within the internet and cybersecurity ecosystem, especially governments, are thus, continuously engaging and discussing ways of increasing stability and security of cyberspace. This has become extremely necessary as reports continue to show the damaging effects that cyber attacks are having on critical national infrastructure

This policy brief highlights developments in the cybersecurity ecosystem in Ghana and calls on policymakers and other stakeholders to collaborate to ensure safety and security of Ghana’s cyberspace while respecting human rights.

Click here to read the policy brief.

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