Policy Brief: Promoting Citizens’ Participation in Local Governance through Increased Access to Information – Highlights of Governance Practices and Challenges in Tema, Wa, Ellembelle and Twifo Atti-Morkwa Districts

Access to information is key to participatory governance. In Ghana and in many parts of the world, local government is the vehicle through which grassroots democracy and development is brought to the average citizen. The absence of local government systems in a democratic society results in lack of political will by citizens to take part in development processes that concern them.

Against this backdrop, the MFWA, with funding support from the DW Akademie, has produced a policy brief that highlights governance practices and existing governance platforms for citizens’-local authorities’ engagement. The brief also highlights some development challenges in Tema Metropolitan, Wa Municipal and Twifo Atti-Morkwa and Ellembelle districts of Ghana.

For access to the full policy brief, please click here.

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