Policy Brief: Promoting Accountable Governance through Citizens’ Access to Information – How a Visually Impaired Man’s Life was Transformed

This Policy Brief highlights how public access to governance information is crucial for transforming the lives of people especially marginalized groups. It is a case study of how a weekly local governance radio programme on one of MFWA’s local-based partner radio stations, RADFORD FM, in Tumu in the Sissala-East district transformed the life of a 47 year old visually impaired man.

The Policy Brief was developed under the MFWA’s project “Promoting Accountable Governance through Professional Media and Citizens’ Access to Information”. The project, which was implemented in the Wa Municipal, Sissala-East and Nandom Districts of the Upper West region of Ghana, empowered community citizens to actively participate in local governance processes by creating avenues for interaction between citizens and local authorities on development within the communities.

Kindly read the Policy Brief 2016 here.

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