Media Ethics Report ( October 16-30)

The objective of the Media Ethics Monitoring Project is to identify and highlight incidents of ethical infractions in the media and draw attention to such breaches as a way of fostering adherence to ethical principles by media organisations.

The project involves daily monitoring of the content of selected media organisations and a compilation of periodic reports capturing ethical violations and naming the media organisations that commit such infractions.

This report covers findings for the period, October 16-30, 2020. It highlights the following:

  • Types and frequency of ethical violations recorded
  • General observations on how the media breach ethical principles.

A total of 960 media content were monitored on the 26 selected media organisations over the two-week period out of which 164 ethical violations were recorded. The violations were recorded on 9 out of the 26 media organisations monitored.

Kindly click here to access the full report.

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