Ghana 2020 Elections: Monitoring of Indecent Language on Radio (June 2020 – January 2021)

This report highlights the findings for the entire period of the language monitoring project (June 2020 – January 2021). During the monitoring period (June 2020 – January 2021), a total of 17,280 programmes were monitored on 60 target radio stations across the country. The programmes monitored included news bulletins, current affairs and political discussion shows. 582 indecent expressions were recorded on all the programmes monitored.

In the first month of monitoring – June 2020 – a total of 90 indecent expressions were recorded. However, through MFWA’s campaign against the use of indecent expressions on radio and as well naming and shaming individuals who were cited in the monthly reports, the indecent expressions dropped significantly to 19 in January 2021. This accounts for a 79 per cent decline in the use of indecent language on radio over the project period.

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