Advocacy paper – women’s rights online in Ghana

Increasingly, the factors that work to perpetuate inequality in offline spaces are being replicated online. This is making it challenging for many women to assert their rights online -– right to free expression, right to economic opportunity and empowerment, right to bodily freedom and safety, right to holding office, right to education, etc.

Even though the gender digital gap is gradually reducing in the country (5.8% gender gap in internet access), several factors still limit women’s internet use and/or keep many unconnected.

This advocacy paper highlights some of the significant challenges making it difficult for many women to access and use the internet, including unreliable internet service, high cost of data, lack of digital skills, online safety and security challenges.

The paper delves deeper into each of the challenges with examples to typify the issue and its ramifications. It ends with recommendations to government and other stakeholders on how to address some of the challenges identified to help bring more women online to bridge the digital gender gap.

Click here to read the paper.

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