Advocacy paper on Women’s rights online in Liberia

Inequality within the Liberian society in areas such as education, employment, leadership, etc continue to widen among men and women. Although Information Communication Technologies (ICT) usage has improved generally, the gender digital gap Liberian women and girls suffer offline has been carried online even to a higher degree.

This advocacy paper reveals specific obstacles such as lack of digital literacy, affordability of ICT devices, cost of data, harassment or violence online among others that inhibit the proper, productive, and safe use of the internet to better the lives of women and girls in Liberia.

The paper examines policy inadequacies and lack of implementation that keeps worsening the gender digital gap challenge within the country. Lastly, it makes recommendations to relevant stakeholders across all facets of the Liberian society on how to resolve these challenges so that the gender digital gap can be bridged.

Kindly click here to read the paper.

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