It’s been a Rewarding Experience – YALI Fellow Speaks of her 6-month Practicum at MFWA

My Professional practicum with Media Foundation for West Africa has been a very rewarding experience. It has been six months of working with a dynamic team of professionals from across the globe, contributing to positive change and acquiring a great amount of new knowledge for professional and personal growth.

A greater part of my practicum at MFWA involved working with the Media, Development and Democracy team on the project: – “Promoting Participatory and Accountable Democratic Governance through Professional Media and Community Dialogues”.

The project involved working with six Local Assemblies and local-based radio stations in the Northern and Upper West Regions of Ghana to improve citizens access to information and participation in governance processes at the local level.

Engaging effectively in promoting the organisation’s goals, sharing information about the work we do and meeting organisation partners and new acquaintances was enriching and expanded my network.

My first favorite thing about working with the MFWA team was that, there was always something to learn and always room for all to share ideas. The second is getting to work directly with people in the field, seeing the real challenges and partaking in seeking solutions. Every suggestion, correction and solution was always valuable in making the next step better.

This has also been a great opportunity to work directly with fellow 2015 YALI MWF Fellows from Nigeria, Ivory, Coast and Ghana. With different backgrounds, strengths and passion, we all work toward one mission; to promote and defend the rights to freedom of expression of all persons particularly the media and human rights defenders in West Africa.

I am hopeful my relationship with the MFWA will stay on beyond the practicum.

I suggest MFWA create more of such dynamic opportunities for young people determined to be part of the change we seek for Africa and beyond.

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