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About the Programme

The political landscape in the West Africa region has witnessed significant changes during the past two decades. Several countries in the region have transitioned from autocratic military regimes to elected civilian governments. Despite the gradual political liberalisation and the notable gains in electoral democracy, West Africa region is faced with many serious challenges of good governance and development including poor public service delivery, inequitable distribution of public resources, high level of corruption, high illiteracy, and mismanagement of natural resources and its associated environmental problems.

A vibrant, professional and critical media can contribute effectively to addressing some of the governance, development and environmental challenges facing the region. During the strategy period, therefore, the MFWA will work with its partners towards ensuring that: The media in West Africa are more independent and professional, and contribute to democracy and development in the region.

Our efforts towards the attainment of the above objective under the MDGG Programme will be focusing on the following:

    • Promoting Media professionalism and sustainability
    • Promoting investigative journalism
    • Promoting development reporting around the Sustainable Development Goals

You may read more about What We Do or our Overall Strategy.