GPU Schools Media Trainers on Safety of Journalists

Gambia Press Union (GPU) on Tuesday, November 19 ended a 5-day training workshop for 15 media trainers on safety and security of journalists in Banjul.

The training workshop which commenced on Wednesday, November 13 aimed at equipping the trainers, who upon completion would train other journalists in the country, with requisite skills and knowledge on how to ensure their safety in the context of a hostile media environment. The workshop was facilitated by Lars Mollers, an experienced Danish journalist and expert on security and media safety issues.

The 5-day training workshop focused on topics such as standard operating procedure for dealing with possible threats, how to make safety plan to mitigate dangers, and how to safely cover demonstrations.

Speaking at the training workshop, Mr. Sheriff Bojang, the President of the Gambia Press Union (GPU), said the training was aimed at providing the journalists with comprehensive knowledge on how to ensure their safety beyond covering stories on the field.

“The training is not just focused on how to safely cover demonstrations and riots; it goes beyond that. The training includes safety measures to observe even when at home or walking on the street, as a journalist,” Sheriff Bohang said.

The training workshop forms part of the GPU’s effort to enhance safety of journalists in Gambia and to strengthen the media to play its ideal role in the country’s fragile democratic development and transitional justice process.

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