Nigeria ALERT: Policemen brutalize journalist at rally

Security personnel made up of regular and anti-riot police, attacked and seriously injured Dada Osasona, a photojournalist with The Sun Publishing Company, publishers of The Sun” newspaper during a mass rally organized by members of civil society groups to protest the perceived illegality in the impeachment of the Oyo State Governor, Senator Rasidi Ladoja in Ibadan.

Osasona’s plea that he was a photojournalist could not save him from the attack of the security men who also smashed his camera to pieces accusing him of being part of the ‘trouble-making group.’

The journalist also lost his mobile phone during the attack, which left him seriously battered. The protest, which was led by the duo of comrades Moshood Erubami of the Campaign for Democracy (CD) and Abiodun Aremu, Convener of the United Action for Democracy (UAD) respectively, was aborted as Erubami was arrested after severe beatings from policemen.

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