Niger UPDATE: Journalist released from detention

Ishmael Moutari, Director of the independent ANFANI FM radio station has been released from prison custody 24 hours after he was arrested and detained in Niger’s southern town of Zinder, 890 km from the capital, Niamey. Moutari was not charged with any offence.

The journalist was arrested on November 13, 2003 along with journalists Amadou Mamoudou and Harouna Mato when Abba Malam Boukar, Commissioner of the Zinder region, accused them of broadcasting information on a conflict between farmers and cattle breeders in Zinder, which then resulted in some deaths.

Amadou Mamoudou and Harouna Mato were later released but Moutari remained in detention because the police insisted that he should disclose the source of the information carried by his station.

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