MFWA collaborates with IPI to produce legal resource on Senegal

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has partnered with the International Press Institute (IPI) to produce a resource tool kit on the legal and regulatory frameworks governing the media in Senegal.

Senegalese digital rights group Jonction also contributed to the production of the tool kit which provides a comprehensive overview of the domestic, regional, and international frameworks protecting press freedom and access to information in Senegal.

While highlighting the legal foundations for press freedom in Senegal, the document also flags laws that undermine these fundamental rights, with a spotlight on recent press freedom violations in the country. These include the arrest and detention of several journalists on charges of publishing false information, discrediting the institutions of state, undermining national security or public order.

Senegal has always been widely admired for its robust democracy and respect for press freedom. However, the recent wave of repression of divergent voices has raised a lot of concern, especially as the country gears up for crucial elections in February 2024.

The tool kit is therefore expected to be a useful reference material for journalists, media defense organisations, media training institutions and other actors with a stake in peaceful and effective media coverage of the upcoming polls.

To that end, the document provides information on local organisations promoting media development and supporting press freedom in Senegal. Access the tool kit here. -English

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