Mauritania: Newspaper Burgled

Unidentified criminals in the night of November 12, 2016, attacked the head office of the L’Eveil Hebdo newspaper in Mauritania.

According to reports, the intruders ransacked the office of the Manager and carried away all but one of the news organization’s computers, leaving the offices in total disarray.

Reports say the criminals broke into the building by smashing the main entry door.

The MFWA correspondent in Mauritania says it is an apparent act of robbery and that no link has been established between the act and any particular publication or the general editorial line of the newspaper. The police are still investigating.

The MFWA urges the authorities in Mauritania to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion. We also advise media houses to put in place more stringent measures to protect their premises and secure their property and personnel against criminals.

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