Mali Alert: Journalist Arrested

Following a tragic affair which occurred at Katiena, a village about 80 kilometres from Ségou, and made the headlines in the newspapers in Mali’s fourth region (Ségovien, Delta Tribune, Ségou-info) and even in Bamako’s weekly gossip paper, Kabako, the State Prosecutor at Ségou, Lasine Kébé, ordered the arrest of Fangass Koné, a photographer and Malamine Dembélé, a laboratory assistant.

The Prosecutor accused them of making available to the media photographs of two soldiers and a watchman killed during the tragic event which were published by the above-mentioned newspapers.It would be recalled that the Katiéna affair concerns an inhabitant of the locality who, because his friend was refused a woman’s hand in marriage, opened fire on the authorities. A group of soldiers had to be sent to overpower him.

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