Liberia ALERT: Newspaper website hacked

The website of privately-owned Monrovia–based New Democrat newspaper was hacked for the second time by unknown hackers.

The homepage of the New Democrat,, according to the publishers, was replaced with a photograph and a message: “can you feel it, your rage feeds our power”.

The newspaper was alerted about the problem by readers from Europe and America through telephone calls.

The New Democrat, according to the correspondent, is noted for writing critical stories on corruption in government and had a few days earlier been slapped with a huge sum of US$ 900,000 by a court as damages for defaming the reputation of the Consolidated Group Incorporated, pay-per -view provider in Liberia.

The management of the newspaper described the hackers as “cowardly mischief makers”, who they believed had the backing of a higher authority.

The website was unavailable over the weekend but resumed operations later.

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