Opposition Party Supporters Attack TV Cameraman

A group of supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ghana’s main opposition party, has attacked a cameraman of Multimedia Broadcasting Group, Jonathan Adjei, injuring him.

The assault occurred on August 16, 2018 while Adjei was covering the commissioning of a polyclinic at Sunkwa, a town in the central region of Ghana.

Seth Kwame Boateng, who was reporting the event alongside Adjei for the Multimedia Group, told the MFWA that the irate opposition party youth were protesting against the commissioning of the health facility by the Minister of Health, arguing that the ruling party was seeking to take credit for a facility built by the NDC party while in power.

“We saw a group of guys with placards and drums protesting. They hurled stones at us, and one of them hit the cameraman. It cut him. He was bleeding,” Seth narrated.

Jonathan was rushed to the nearest health facility for the cut to be dressed and bandaged.

The Media Foundation for West Africa condemns this act of aggression by supporters of the NDC at Sunkwa which has resulted in the injury of a media professional carrying out his legitimate duties. We deplore the impunity that political party supporters and vigilantes enjoy in Ghana for all manner of crimes including wanton attacks on journalists.

We call on the police to investigate the incident and punish the culprits. We also urge the leadership of the NDC in the district to cooperate with the police to identify the perpetrators to face justice.

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