Crackdown on Journalists Reporting on Protests in the USA: MFWA, Seventy-One Others Urge President Trump to Intervene

Seventy-two press freedom organisations across the world have jointly condemned attacks on journalists covering the ongoing protests in the United States to demand racial and social justice.

In an open letter addressed to President Donald Trump on June 11, 2020, the organisations including the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), also called on the American leader to commend the journalists for their valiant efforts and to ensure their protection from the unprecedented attacks while reporting on the nation-wide protests. 

“Instead of condemning journalists and the media, we urge you to commend and celebrate them as the embodiment of the First Amendment, which is the envy of so many countries around the world,” the letter said.

It added that authoritanian regimes could use the crackdown on the press in the USA to “legitimise their own repression of independent journalism.”

“When the U.S. backslides it sends a green light to authoritarian-leaning leaders around the world to restrict the press and the free flow of information,” according to the press freedom organizations.

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