International Women’s Day 2019: Women Journalists, Press Freedom Advocates Across West Africa Share Inspiring Thoughts

The International Women’s Day is the time to celebrate the crucial role women play in society and to honour women who continuously play extraordinary roles in their communities, workspaces and countries. The day also present the opportunity to highlight the views, experiences, challenges and concerns of women on critical issues of development.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has compiled solidarity messages from prominent female journalists and press freedom advocates across West Africa focusing on the theme for this year’s celebration “Think equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change”.

“While fewer African women are heard, I represent the echo of the millions of creative, inspiring and innovative strong women – challenging stereotypes through the media to show girls it can be done.”

–Wemimo Adewuni, Nigeria Info FM, Lagos-Nigeria


“We will have true progress when women are given fair representation, equal opportunities and adequate inclusivity across all sectors of society, especially in the media.”

–Daisy Prempeh, Media Foundation for West Africa, Ghana



“In Burkina Faso the government invests millions of CFA for the celebration on 8th March every year, while there are many women unheard-of who suffer unimaginable ordeals. As a journalist, we owe ourselves to bring to light these sufferings to decision makers. It is only by doing so that we can contribute to building a right and balanced society for all.’’

–Elza Sandrine SAWADOGO, de L’Economiste du Faso, Burkina Faso


“As we advance in our work, we need to involve more women since I believe it is a sure bet to critical developmental change. Let’s commit to telling the stories of women as we celebrate International Women’s Day.”

–Patricia Ama Bonsu, Ultimate 106.9FM (EIB Network), Ghana


“Women are not considered when it comes to occupying managerial positions in media houses. We want our bosses to trust us more and treat us the same as men are.”

–Afsétou SAWADOGO, Journal Sidwaya, Burkina Faso



“Many women are unable to come out of their shells due to fear and discrimination. But as Joyce Meyer says, if you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been. I urge every woman to step out and do exploit. Happy Womens Day!!!”

–Agnes Ansah, The Chronicle Newspaper, Ghana



“We need more women in the corporate, media and general civic space. We need women who will lead the discussions and drive for balance. Gender equality is key for the development of society.”

–Fouzia Tua Alhassan, Media Foundation for West Africa, Ghana


“On this day 8th March, I wish a happy celebration to all women across the globe for their everyday efforts for a better world. A special thought goes to all women journalist who everyday go through sun and rain to provide information to the population. A special thought to all these women who have lost their lives on duty. May their souls rest in peace. Another special thought goes to all these women who are victims of sexist discrimination and harassment. Let’s walk holding our heads high and let’s fight for our dignity. Happy International Women’s Day’’

–Patricia Adjisseku, Radio Kanal FM, Togo


“Governments across the continent must do more to ensure women and girls have equal access to the empowering opportunities the internet provides. Stakeholders must also collaborate to promote a free, safe and secured internet for women and girls.”

–Felicia Anthonio, African Freedom of Expression Exchange (AFEX), Ghana  



“By practicing this job, I have learnt that for a woman to create a path through this jungle of sexist stereotypes, to move forward in this forest of the working world, she needs to fight. She needs to multiply her efforts and build a strong personality to exist and mark her generation. Happy International Women’s Day to these women fighters’’

–Sophie Sene, Media Foundation for West Africa, Senegal




“Life has taught me to believe in my ability and what I can achieve when given the same space to operate just like men. But several women are down there, unable to get to the top because of lack of support. Let’s help one another to become achievers.” #GenderEquality

–Selorm Helen, Freelance Journalist, Ghana


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