GuineaALERT: Magazine suspended

The Guineaauthorities banned the sale of Jeune Afrique, a Paris-based weekly independent magazine for allegedly publishing articles on President Lansana Conte that could undermine the sovereignty of the country.

The authorities also suspended the circulation of the March 26 to April 01, 2006 edition of Jeune Afrique which had on its front page, a cancelled photograph of President Conte with the caption: “Guinea: End of reign, A seriously ill President, an abandoned regime; opposition organizes ”, suggesting the end of President Conte’s administration. Cheick Yerim Seck, the legal correspondent for Jeune Afrique inConakry in a five-page (44-49) series of articles said the illness of President Conte and his refusal to leave power could lead to political and social crises.

The article also stated that President Conte is physically and morally unable to continue ruling. And this according to the Guinean authorities amounted to crating disaffection that undermine state sovereignty. Meanwhile, the Department of Liberties of the Ministry of Interior that grants licenses for distribution of foreign publications has declined to comment on the issue.

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