Guinea: Journalist Receives Threats for Reportage on Inspector General of Police

A journalist with the news website Guineenews and Espace FM in Guinea, Facely Konaté, has been receiving threats from unidentified persons for reporting on the website that the Inspector General of Police, Bangaly Kourouma wishes President Alpha Conde to rule for life.

According to the MFWA correspondent in Guinea, the IGP Kourouma first denied the Konaté’s report, only to be embarrassed by the Management of Hodafa Media, operators of Guineenews, Guinee Matin and Espace FM who broadcast the voice recording of his speech in which he declared that “as long as Alpha Conde is alive, he will be the President of Guinea.

A press release issued by the Management of Hadafo Media, on Monday November 26, 2016 said: “For the past two days, our correspondent has been receiving threats and unusual calls from unidentified persons,” the statement said. “These threats follow the publication of an article which quoted the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Bangaly Kourouma as saying at the office of the RPG (ruling party) at N’zerekore that as long as Alpha Conde is alive, he will be the President of Guinea.”

“We call national and international opinion to be witnesses to whatever happens to our colleague who only reported faithfully the public speech of a top state official,” the statement concluded.

The MFWA is concerned about the safety of Konaté and appeals to the security agencies in Guinea to provide him with adequate security. We also call on the Management of Hodafa Media to take measures to protect the journalist and his family.

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