Guinea Bissau ALERT: Journalist threatened with death

A journalist of Radio Bombolom-FM, Mama Saliu Sané, received death threats during the early hours of the morning from some unknown persons who broke into his house, possibly with the intention of killing him.

According to Sané, the assailants who were armed with machetes, knives and heavy stones, left the weapons in his living room. Minutes later they returned to the house saying they did not want to kill him but to leave a warning to Amine Saad, the State Prosecutor.

The Union of Journalists and Technicians of the Social Information Sector (SINJOTECS), on being informed about the incident, strongly condemned this barbaric act and expressed their solidarity with Sane, his family and the radio station Bombolom-FM, and called the attention of the authorities to ensure the security of citizens particularly journalists.

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