Guinea Alert: Reporter beaten up by a Gendarme

A member of the Guinean Gendarmerie assaulted David Tchopn Bangoura, a reporter for the private radio station Lynx FM, on September 4, 2014.

Bangoura was covering a peaceful march organised by former clients of an allegedly bankrupted bank who were demanding the reimbursement of their money when the gendarme, identified as Abdoulaye Diallo, charged at him.

Diallo, who had blocked the road to the demonstrators, left his post when he saw Bangoura and uttered “you journalists, you are the ones going everywhere to report problems.” He followed the statement with two slaps, sending Bangoura to the ground.

“He insulted me and called me all sorts of names.” Bangoura told the MFWA’s correspondent. The officer said what he did was right and that he does not regret his action.

In Guinea, journalists discharging their professional duties are often attacked by gendarmes who brutalize and insult them. The MFWA calls on the security agencies in Guinea to respect the important role journalists play in the development of the country and allow them to carry out their professional duties. The MFWA also urges the leadership of the security agencies to sanction members who assault and brutalize journalists in the course of their duty.

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