Guinea ALERT: L’Indépendant Intern detained at PM3

Mohamed Fofana, an intern at the Conakry-based general information weekly, L’Indépendant newspaper, was picked up and detained at the PM3, a military prison facility notorious for acts of barbarism, on the orders of Madam Sanagaré, director general of Soguitrans (Guinea National Transport Company).

Fofana on May 11 went to the offices of Soguitrans located at Matoto in the Conakry suburb, to inquire into the announced bankruptcy of Soguitrans when Madam Sangaré ordered the guards to seize his equipment and arrest him.

“The guards pounced on Mohamed Fofana. They rained blows on him and seized his equipment. There and then, he was forcibly taken to the PM3, where he is still being held”, Mahamdou Dian Baldé, editor-in-chief of L’Indépendant told the correspondent.

He continued “we have heard nothing about Mr. Fofana since yesterday when he was arrested. We also do not know why the lady sent him to the PM3 which is not the place to detain someone for the violation of press laws.”

Mohamed Fofana’s arrest came one week after the National Transition Council had adopted the new press freedom law which decriminalises violations of the press laws.

Soguitrans is a state urban and inter-urban transport company initiated by the Guinean government through donor loan facility.

MFWA was seriously dismayed at the arrest and detention of Mohamed Fofana who was merely seeking information to do his work and vehemently condemned the detention of the journalist.

We call for his immediate release without any condition.

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