Ghana ALERT: Prison officers storm radio station, manhandle staffs

A group of angry prison officers in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city, besieged the premises of privately-owned OTEC FM and attacked two staff members, including the programmes manager, Kate Frema Adomako.

One of the security men reportedly shoved Adomako onto the ground after heckling the security man and forcibly entering the premises.

Adomako, who confirmed the incident to the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) said the officers were at the station to attack a panelist, Francis Dodovi, a sympathizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress, who they claimed had been discrediting a demonstration they staged on September 15 to protest what the prison officers said was a discrimination against them in a new pay policy for the country.

Dodovi, who was alleged to have described the demonstration as “irresponsible”, was held hostage by the officers for about thirty minutes.

Adomako said but for the intervention of neigbhours and other staff members, the officers would have attacked Dodovi in the studio.

The police launched investigations into the matter.

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