Ghana ALERT: Members of a Muslim sect storm North Star FM

North Star FM, a privately-owned radio station based in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital was on August 19, 2012 besieged by members of Al-Sunna, a Muslim sect, to register their displeasure over alleged misinterpretations of some verses of the Holy Qur’an. A confrontation occurred when the members of the Al-Sunna sect thronged the radio station to react to interpretations of some Qur’an verses that the Tijaniya, another Muslim group had earlier interpreted on the station.

Though the Tijaniya group had already left the radio station, the angry members of Al-Sunna chose to vent their spleen on the radio station. In an interview with the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), Adam Cockra, general manager of the radio station explained that members of the Tijaniya were at the station earlier to preach and educate the public on some aspects of the Qur’an.This angered the Al-Sunna group who accused the Tijaniya group of misinterpreting the Holy Book, and thus stormed the station’s premises. “No casualties or damages occurred albeit some furniture were destroyed” the manager said.

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