Gambia ALERT: Congolese Journalist detained

Guy-Patrick Massoloka, a Congolese journalist working in The Gambia bureau of the Dakar-based Pan-African News Agency (PANA), was on Friday July 19, 2002 arrested at about 11:00pm and detained by agents of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). Massoloka is being held at the NIA headquarters in Banjul without a charge.

According to information released by the Gambia Press Union (GPU), Massoloka was accused by a senior official of the NIA of publishing an unregistered newspaper in the Gambia. However, according to the GPU, it has no evidence of Massoloka’s alleged engagement in the production of a newspaper in the country.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) condemns the detention of Massoloka without charge or trial. This action by The Gambian security authorities clearly undermines the fundamental human rights of Massoloka, and constitutes a threat to freedom of expression and media practice in the country.

The MFWA calls on the government of President Yahya Jammeh to effect Mr Massoloka’s immediate and unconditional release from detention. The MFWA requests you to protest the detention of Massoloka.

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