MFWA Urges Media to be Circumspect in Covering Ghana’s Elections

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) urges all stakeholders involved in Ghana’s electoral process, especially the media to be circumspect and to exercise a great sense of professionalism in covering the upcoming elections.

The role of the media in building a strong democratic foundation is always critical and indispensable. As a key stakeholder in this election, the MFWA calls on the media both local and international to be professional and responsible in their reportage devoid of sensationalism and any form of incitements heightening tensions that may potentially instigate violence.

“The media have always been the channels through which information, the lifeblood of democracy, is circulated. As a result, the media’s coverage and how they do that before, during and after the upcoming elections in Ghana will have major implications for the success of the polls,” said the Executive Director of MFWA, Sulemana Braimah.

Mr. Braimah also added that it is imperative for the media to observe and adhere to the code of ethics of the journalism profession in carrying out its watchdog duty during and after the elections.

Since the return to democratic rule in 1992, Ghana has had six successive elections which have generally been peaceful. Although a relatively young democracy, the commitment to uphold and protect the constitution on which the democratic ideals hinge is a feather in the cup of the country against the backdrop of numerous instabilities in the West Africa sub-region.

While we call on the media to exhibit professionalism in covering the elections, the MFWA also implores security agencies and the leaders of the competing political parties in the upcoming elections to allow the media to carry out its responsibilities without interference.

We also urge leaders of all political parties and their supporters and Ghanaians to be law abiding to ensure that this election is free, peaceful and acceptable to all.

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