Liberia: Brown Urges Liberians To “Exercise Freedom With Respect”

MONROVIA, April 15 (LINA) -Information Minister Lewis Brown has called on Liberians to exercise their right to freedom of speech and of the press with respect for their fellow countrymen and the nation.

Brown said “for too long Liberians have struggled” for the enabling environment where people can disagree without harming one another, and as such the opportunity to live in a free society should not be abused, but rather exercised responsibly.

Speaking Wednesday at the Ministry of Information daily press conference, Brown indicated that government will continue to provide the platform for Liberians to freely express their thoughts without oppression.

The Information Minister believes that negative media reportage and political propaganda aimed at portraying a bad image of the government will do no good, but instead derail the nation’s rebuilding process.

“We own this country together; none of us will win if we play politics to pull it down, we all fought for this freedom that we are enjoying today and we must together take steps to protect it,” Brown reminded his compatriots.

He indicated that as a result of the dedication and commitment Liberia exhibited in containing the spread of the Ebola virus, the country has gained the recognition and respect of the international community, something, he said, has given Liberia the opportunity to speak on behalf of the hardest-hit Ebola countries.

He then urged Liberians to lead dedicated and patriotic lives by promoting the interest of the country as well as being part of the process of strengthening the nation’s democracy, adding, “Our commitment should be to re-create this society by placing it on a stronger footing.”

Credit: Wilfred Gortor,

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