Investigative Journalist Threatened for Critical Story

The brother of the Deputy Speaker of the Nigeria House of Representatives has threatened to attack Mojeed Alabi, a reporter with New Telegraph.

This threat followed Alabi’s investigative article published on May 24, 2018 titled ‘Exposed! Nigeria’s Deputy Speaker in N1.1bn Water Contract Scam,”

The exclusive article of alleged that Lasun Yusuff had violated the Public Procurement Act and the Code of Conduct for public officials in respect of contracts for two mini-water schemes.

According to media reports, on the day the article was first published, Adelani Yusuff, brother of the Deputy Speaker, angrily stormed the family house of the investigative journalist at Jagun Compound, Ilobu.  The reports say Alabi was not in the house at that time, and so Yusuff left a threatening message for him. Yusuff told the journalist’s family that he will “deal with him”.

Alabi’s family subsequently filled a complaint at with the police.

Public Relations Officer of the Police in Osun State, Folashade Odoro, confirmed that the police have invited Adelani Yusuff and taken his statement following a complaint by the journalist’s family.

“I also assure you that adequate measures have been taken to forestall any bad situation,” the police officer added.

The MFWA is concerned about the threat issued against Mojeed Alabi. We commend the investigative journalist’s family for reporting the matter and urge the police to take steps to ensure Alabi’s security.

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