Investigative Journalist Receives Death Threats

Diallo Abdoul Latif an investigative journalist and director of in Guinea has received a series of death threats while his home has been attacked in an apparent attempt to intimidate him.

A group of men armed with rifles attacked Diallo’s home in a suburb of Conakry in the early hours of February 2 2018, and fired bullets at the building, without making any attempt to break in.

“It is clearly intended to threaten the journalist, a warning to him that something more deadly will happen to him if he does not advise himself,” the MFWA correspondent in Guinea said.

Diallo has investigated a number of criminal cases including the assassination in November 2012 of Mrs. Aissatou Boiro who was the Director of the National Treasury. The journalist has also recently published stories on corruption at the Central Prison of Conakry. Diallo believes these are the reason for threats he has received.

“I conducted an investigation into the death of Mrs. Boiro and investigated the diversion of a ton of rice at the central prison as well as the escape from the penitentiary services of Guinea of criminals wrongfully released by the Director. After this, we began to receive death threats via SMS,” Diallo told at the C24 Radio Conakry.

The journalist has reported the attack and threats to the Gendarmerie of Kipre and the court of first instance of Dixin. However there have been no arrests so far.

The MFWA condemns the attack on Diallo’s residence and the threats proffered against him. We commend the journalist for reporting the matter to the Gendarmerie, and urge the authorities to fully investigate the matter to bring the culprits to justice.

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