Cote d’Ivoire ALERT: Pro-Gbagbo newspapers impose a media black-out

The Journals Victims of April 11, 2011 (JV11), an organisation made up of pro-Gbagbo newspapers on August 22, 2012, during a press conference stated that all member-newspapers will not appear on newsstands for two days. The two-day boycott which begins on August 24 to 25 is to protest the unfair treatments and harassment meted out to them.

As such members of JV11 including Notre Voie, Le Temps, Le Nouveau Courrier, LG Infos, Le Quotidien d’Abidjan and others will be absent on the newsstands on August 24 and 25. The decision to boycott the newsstands was taken when publishers of these newspapers held a meeting in Abidjan on August 20 to deliberate on their situation. César Etou, publishing manager of privately-owned daily newspaper, Notre Voie, and chairman of the organisation noted that the action is “a sign of protest against heavy sanctions targeted against them, as well as threats and attacks which they have been subjected to since April 11, 2011.”

The JV11, which was set up on July 5, 2011, insisted that they had no alternative than to alert national and international opinion on the danger of death that hover on the lives of their journalists and employees.

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