Cote d’Ivoire ALERT: Newspaper banned for eight publications

Bôl’ Kotch, a privately-owned satirical newspaper which published a cartoon story of President Alassane Outarra, was on August 8, 2012 banned for eight publications by the National Press Council (CNP), the statutory regulatory body. The Media Foundation for West Africa’s (MFWA) correspondent reported that though the newspaper publishes mainly to create humour, the CNP found some of its publications offensive.

The CNP in a communiqué issued on August 12, sought to suggest that the newspaper in a July 27 publication carried series of articles that flouts media laws and ethical codes.According to the CNP, the newspaper in one such article cartooned Alassane Outarra, the President, speaking with General Soumaïla Bakayoko, Chief of Defence Staff, and Dozo, a traditional hunter.

“The contents of these articles as well as the cartoons illustrating them and the message they seek to convey are insulting, defamatory, offensive and promote tribalism and hatred of state institutions and persons who represent them”, the communiqué read. The regulatory body, however, explained that the duration of the ban was also informed by the numerous warnings and reprimands issued previously to the Bôl’ Kotch newspaper.

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