Coté d’ Ivoire UPDATE: Two Detained TV journalists refused bail

Ladji Aboubacar Sanogo and Kangbé Yayoro, two reporters of pro-Ouattara Télévision Notre Patrie (TVNP) in Bouaké, the second largest city in Coté d’ I voire were sent back to prison custody on February 24, 2011 after being denied bail by public prosecutor office in connection with alleged terrorists activities.

Sanogo and Kangbé are facing a charge relating to an “offence against national security” for working for TVNP, which belongs to the Forces Nouvelles that waged a rebellion against Gbagbo’s government in the early 2000s. The trial is expected to commence on February 28.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA)’s correspondent reported that the Public Prosecutor’s office in Abidjan (Plateau) presided over by Justice Mme Guéhi Kointahin Nathalie refused the bail on the grounds that the case of two journalists has not been heard.

The correspondent said it followed an application for bail filed on February 21 by Coulibaly Brahima and Soro Idrissa, lawyers of the accused.

Sanogo and Kangbé have been in detention since their arrests by the Defence and Security Forces of the Ivorian army, loyal to Laurent Gbagbo on January 28. After their arrests, they were tortured severely and sent to the headquaters of the National Gendarmerie before being transferred to the Abidjan civil Prison (MACA) on February 18.

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