Cote D’ Ivoire ALERT: TV news interrupted by demonstrators

A group of demonstrators invaded the offices of Radiodiffusion Television Ivoirienne (RTI), the national broadcasting station and interrupted a primetime live news broadcast of 13 hours GMT.

They were accompanied by Chief of Staff of the Army General Philip Mangou.The demonstrators who were members of the “Young Patriots”, a pro- Gbagbo group demanded that one of their members, Ble Goude Charles, be permitted to make a protest statement to register their displeasure about a communiqué adopted at a meeting of an International Task Force.

The Task Force was set up by the United Nations to implement its Resolution 1633 on Cote D’Ivoire. According to the UN resolution, the tenure of office of the current Ivorian parliament should not be extended when it ends. Technicians at the station terminated transmission. The demonstrators forced the newscaster, David Mobio Gouedan off his seat to allow one of their members to make the statement. When the station resumed transmission a few minutes later, David Mobio confirmed the attack and announced that General Mangou had accompanied the demonstrators.

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