Benin ALERT: MP threatens cameraman; briefly seizes his camera

David Avocètien, a cameraman of privately-owned Chaine 2 television, was heckled by Epihame Quenum, a member of Benin’s National Assembly.

Avocètien’s camera was returned to him after he had agreed to delete a picture of Quenum.

The outraged Quenum accused the cameraman of filming him while he was eating groundnuts.

Members of the parliamentary press corps expressed their reservations about the behaviour of the MP. In a complaint to the leadership of the National Assembly, the journalists said that, that was not the first time that Quenum had harassed journalists while in the course of discharging their legitimate duties. He was reported to have on August 27, driven his car into a group of journalists conducting an interview on the premises of the National Assembly. But there was no causality.

The journalists called on the house to intervene and ensure that Quenum was brought to order.

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