Benin Alert: Female military officer intimidates newspaper staff over publication

Staff members of the privately-owned Le Potentiel, including the managing editor, Adrien Atinkpato, were intimidated by a female soldier in the early hours of  March 5, 2015, as the daily was about to close for the day.

The MFWA’s correspondent in Benin reported that a female soldier dressed in civilian clothes stormed the newspaper’s office at 1:33am to introduce herself to the managing editor.

“Good evening Mr. Adrien. I am Aurore Kinsy. Have I ever disrespected you? I have come to know you physically and to also introduce myself to you physically. That is the purpose of this operation,” the soldier allegedly told the newspaper manager.

One reporter at Le Potentiel told the correspondent that, before this impromptu visit, they noticed a male soldier walking back and forth along the street on which the newspaper’s office is located.

The reporter told MFWA’s correspondent that they believe Kinsy’s action is a result of a  publication by Le Potentiel’s on February 12, which the newspaper accused Kinsy of forcing women to have sexual relations with her.

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