The Media foundation For West Africa (MFWA) congratulates all award winners at the 18th Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Awards held in Accra last Saturday.

As an organisation that promotes press freedom, freedom of expression and media development, the MFWA recognizes the important role the media are playing for Ghana’s democratic development despite persisting professional and logistical challenges.

Indeed, one of the most relevant indicators of a democratic society is the existence of a free, vibrant and critical media. We believe therefore that these awards will continue to spur on Ghanaian journalists to increasingly uphold professional standards.

As we congratulate the award winners, however, we also take the opportunity to implore all stakeholders especially, media owners to create the right conditions and enabling environment for high journalistic standards. We encourage regular capacity building programmes, good remuneration and the provision of necessary logistics to advance the work of journalists.

The MFWA also calls on all journalists to be mindful of their responsibility while they continue to assert their rights in the exercise of their watchdog role.

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