Our Activities

Our current activities and projects under this programme are focused on:

  • Internet Freedom and Digital Rights Advocacy: We build the capacity of civil society groups and media and undertake collaborative advocacy to ensure the adoption and implementation of internet policies and laws that promote and protect people’s right to freely expression online
  • Safety of Journalists and Anti-Impunity campaigns: We are working in collaboration with our national partners to ensure that journalists remain safe and to ensure that crimes committed against journalists are duly investigated and perpetrators punished
  • Media Rights Monitoring: We proactively and continuously monitor violations against media workers and journalists and wage campaigns for the redress of violations
  • Access to Information Advocacy: We advocate for the passage and effective Implementation of Right to Information Laws to ensure the the public’s right to access information is guaranteed by in law and respected in practice

Below are photos from some of our programmes and activities over the years. Please click on the arrows in the photo panel below, to navigate through our galleries.