Freedom of Expression Advocacy

Freedom of Expression (FoE) is a fundamental human right. However, violations of FoE rights continue to be a major challenge to participatory and accountable governance in West Africa. In many countries in the region, critical media and dissenting voices are not tolerated and are often abused. In order to help improve the situation, the MFWA and its national partners across West Africa will work toward ensuring the following:

  • Noticeable improvement in respecting and protecting the right to freedom of expression by state and non-state actors in West Africa
  • The public’s right to access information is guaranteed by regional and national laws and respected in practice

Our efforts towards the attainment of the above objectives under the Freedom of Expression Programme will be focusing on the following areas of work:

  • Law and policy reform advocacy relating to digital migration; Internet freedom; and de-criminalisation of defamation laws
  • FoE Rights Monitoring, Campaigns and Protection
  • Access to information advocacy
  • Safety of journalists advocacy
  • Access to Justice and anti-impunity campaigns

You may read about our Media, Democracy & Good Governance programme or read more about us here.